ModernTube: Rays' Cowbell Kid bravely battles Red Sox Nation

We've learned a lot of things about the once-anonymous Tampa Bay Rays as they've streaked from only 66 wins in '07 to the best record in baseball near the midpoint of '08.

Now meet their signature superfan, the Cowbell Kid, as he battles the invaders from Beantown during Monday night's 5-4 Tampa win.

(Warning: Seeing as how this video actually features a packed Tropicana Dome, repeated, loud chants of "Tampa, Tampa," and a signature superfan for the Tampa Bay Rays, this may be a little bit like viewing some sort of strange Bizarro World. Children and pregnant women be advised.)

Cowbell Kid is no pink gorilla, but a good effort nonetheless, especially for Tampa.

After the jump, watch a local news segment on the Cowbell Kid. Plus, find more of his videos here.

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