ModernTube: The Joe Beimel bobblehead is this guy's best friend

For those of you who don't spend hours a day watching baseball videos on YouTube, Troy From West Virginia is a legend. Despite living almost 2,500 miles from Dodger Stadium, Troy files regular reports on his favorite team from the basement of his West Virginia home, all while reminding everyone of Harland Williams and sporting the sweetest set of chops this side of Ditka's Restaurant.

His is really an incredible story, though. Eight months ago, Troy used a tribute to his favorite player, Joe Beimel, to grab his own slice of Internet baseball fame.

Today, as evidenced by the video below, he's the proud owner of a Joe Beimel bobblehead.

And tomorrow, he'll be the proud owner of a restraining order from said bobblehead.

In the year 2008, this is the American dream, really.

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