ModernTube: Further proof Cubs fans are losing their minds

Many of you youngsters may not be familiar with the catalogue of the Plastic Ono Band, but if you ever needed reassurance that Yoko completely destroyed The Beatles, it can all be had during one viewing of "Don't Worry Kyoto (Mummy's Only Looking For a Hand in the Snow)." That linked rendition basically makes Bjork look a person you'd trust babysitting your kids.

Anyway, a group of Cubs fans named the Lovable Losers Literary Revue just met at El Jardin Restaurant — located down the street from Wrigley Field — to perform a parody of Yoko's song entitled "Don't Worry Goat (Bartman's Only Looking For a Baseball To Catch.")

Look, if the yak-horn playing by Sid Yiddish doesn't convince you all is not right in Wrigleyville these days, the chanting by his $2 Cockroach bandmate will. And just wait to see what we all look like once the postseason finally rolls around.

UPDATE: Just got an email from Mr. Yiddish and he says that's a ram's and not a yak horn. In addition, he's the one chanting falsetto while his bandmate is the one tooting away. I regret the error.

One more thought: What would you pay to see a conversation between Yoko and Lou Piniella?

For a look at some more sane Cubs fans — though not by much — check out the new Eticket.

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