Modern Tube: Sarah McLachlan makes plea for stray free agents

A comedy troupe calling itself 12 Angry Mascots has produced a funny — dare I say very funny — YouTube video that mashes up those Sarah McLachlan animal rescue ads with the excess free agents who go unclaimed by a Major League baseball team.

The results? Quite a mash-up of comedy.

The McLachlan spots tug at the heartstrings, showing scenes of adorable and, it's implied, homeless former pets who need your help or else they'll die. Instead of cats and dogs, the Mascots' version shows images of Hank Blalock(notes), Jermaine Dye(notes), Pedro Martinez(notes) and others playing the game they love, but can't anymore, because nobody will sign them.

If only someone had spayed or neutered John Smoltz(notes):

As McLachlan's "Angel" plays, the screen goes black and a graphic appears:

"Every baseball offseason, hundreds of players become unrestricted free agents"

Images of Joe Crede(notes) and Gary Sheffield(notes) fade in and out, utilizing the Ken Burns-style, and another graphic over a black screen appears:

"Most are re-signed or rescued by a new team ...

... "but dozens of others find themselves without a home."

Only YOU can help, and McLachlan appears with her pooch to hit you up for $18/month. A voiceover guy clumsily inserts words such as "BASEBALL" and "PLAYERS" over the original audio where appropriate, enhancing the comedy.

So, when you think of the outstanding free agents in the game — and you will think of them — you'll also hear an emotional theme song calling for action before it's too late.

Also, can you name all of the free agents in the video? Answer upside-down below:

* * *

Blalock, Dye, Pedro, Smoltz, Crede, Sheffield, Paul Byrd(notes), Nomar Garciaparra(notes), Jason Isringhausen(notes), Darin Erstad(notes), Rich Aurilia(notes), Rudy Seanez(notes) and Carlos Delgado(notes).

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