Modern Tube: Now you, the fan, can sponsor the World Series!

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You know how every moment of a Major League Baseball network broadcast seems to be corporately sponsored?

Well, the comedy troupe 12 Angry Mascots is lampooning that perception. You might remember 12 A.M. from its video about the dangers of baseball failing to spay and neuter its free agents.

This inFAUXmercial (if you will) is even better; It has actors, including a voice-over guy:

"For years, you had to be a major corporation to advertise with Major League Baseball. But now, for a limited time only, MLB is opening its in-game sponsorship to you — the fan."

Everything is for sale — from an "extra-base hit by Bengie Molina(notes)," to "Giants home runs not hit by Cody Ross(notes)."

One "testimonial" says:

"My boyfriend loves complaining about the announcers during the World Series. So this year, whenever Tim McCarver mispronounces an Hispanic player's name, or Joe Buck comes across as a condescending [person], it'll be courtesy of Danny, here."

Jonathan SAN-chez. Jonathan San-CHEZ.

Also appearing, a pest control specialist who reminds me of a certain Phillies blogger, plus an actor portraying Dayton Moore, the Kansas City Royals general manager:

"For eighty bucks, our team logo will appear alongside Tim Lincecum's(notes) pitch count. We crunched the numbers and figure it’s the most effective way to get the Royals into the World Series."

That's a cheap shot at the Royals, no matter how realistic.

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