‘Mo Tie’ — Cards GM John Mozeliak rocks fancy bow tie for NLDS Game 1

David Brown

ST. LOUIS — John Mozeliak seemed to understand why he didn't rate better than No. 16 on The Stew's Sexiest GMs List.

"You didn't know how much I worked out," Mozeliak said Thursday before Game 1 of the NLDS at Busch Stadium.

It's true; With a little more research on our part, the man they sometimes call "Mo" would have gotten into the top 10, considering the physique he has been chiseling in recent years. He might look bookish, but he'll whoop your butt and strangle you inside of three moves.

He's also not afraid to rock a bow tie — a look that used to be for ventriloquist dummies only, but has been a little more en vogue in recent years. Tim Lincecum, Ken Rosenthal, now him. Mozeliak seemed more than comfortable with his selection, a polyester blend in Cardinals colors.

"I shop for my own clothes," Mozeliak admitted. "OK, I let my wife help sometimes."

As for the opening of the playoffs, Mozeliak said he feels like it's Christmas morning. Opening day is like that too, but now, teams still playing can feel like they've accomplished something. Obviously the 12th World Series title for Team Fredbird is the ultimate goal, but Mozeliak is proud of 26 postseason appearances too.

He ought to be; this is the guy responsible for assembling the deepest organization in the majors, one that's SO good, the Cardinals apparently can afford to use start Lance Lynn and Joe Kelly before Shelby Miller and Michael Wacha. But that's on manager Mike Matheny, who might want to use them in the late relief innings. Instead, right-hander Lance Lynn is starting Game 2, with Joe Kelly going in Game 3 at Pittsburgh.

Also: Matheny probably wouldn't wear a bow tie outside of a banquet.

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