MLB's Fox blackout rules make this Saturday far from super

Over on, one of the house organ players is busy hammering away on his calliope while hyping today's action.

And with two NL playoff spots still up for grabs and AL homefield advantage TBD, it really shouldn't be that hard of a task.

"How about one more Saturday filled with win-or-go-home tension, fits of scoreboard-watching and the possibility of champagne showers?"'s John Schlegel asks in his article. "Sounds super, doesn't it?"

Well, yes it does "sound super."

It sounds like the kind of day where a baseball fan would want to sit inside on his or her couch, ignore the siren song of college football and channel flip between the Padres-Giants, Phillies-Braves and Yankees Red Sox, all of which start at 4:10 ET.

It sounds like the kind of day when baseball's broadcasts and all the different ways to obtain them would be at their showcased best. Fans could have one game going on their TV, another on their iPad and even another on their computer or iPhone.

If only it were all possible.

Because today is Saturday, we're all going to watch what Fox and Major League Baseball tells us to watch. It doesn't matter that these are all important games or that the technology is there to deliver them to us. For one final Saturday afternoon, we're going to be bound to Fox's requirement that MLB suspend its Extra Innings package for a three-hour window while it transmits only one baseball game to a particular area of the country.

On a regular Saturday, this rule is silly. On the last Saturday of the season, it's absurd.

Here in Chicago, my TV schedule says we're going to get the game between the Phillies and Braves, two teams with oh-so-obvious ties to the Windy City. I'd be keeping an eye on that game if all three were watchable, but as a baseball fan I'd rather be watching the Padres play their do-or-die game against the Giants at the same time. I'm sure the same goes for Padres and Giants fans who also live here.

At the same time, I'm sure there are Braves fans on the West Coast who'd like to see Bobby Cox being honored before their team gets a chance to clinch their first playoff appearance since 2005. And there's probably a Yankees fan in the south who'd like to see the team move a game closer toward another AL East championship in Boston.

But sorry folks, not today!

No, not even if you paid hundreds of dollars to subscribe to these packages and faithfully followed your favorite team via the same mediums Sunday through Friday in hope that you'd one day be able to see it celebrate a division championship or wild card title.

It just doesn't make sense. The NFL's broadcasting partners don't have a problem with out-of-market games being televised opposite home teams, so why does Fox continue to be so insecure about the whole deal? Also, how can MLB possibly deny their paying subscription customers the opportunity to watch a clinching game in full?

Look, this is far from the first time that someone has complained about MLB's ridiculous Saturday blackout rules and it probably won't be the last. Contracts are contracts, but you're telling me that Fox and MLB can't just come together and agree to suspend the stupidity for one week in the best interests of the game? Their stubborn approach will never cease to boggle our minds.

Time to get ready for the plenty of Yahoo! Sports GameChannel and live cut-ins, I suppose. What an exciting way to experience what should have been a very "super" day, even to an objective observer.

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