MLB predictions 2015: our World Series picks, award winners and more

We're getting close to opening day and you can probably feel the excitement — real, meaningful baseball is almost here. It seems so distant now, but before you know it, we'll be talking about this season's breakout players, playoffs and MVPs.

As we do every year about this time, the Yahoo Sports MLB crew is forecasting the season ahead. We predict the standings for each division, which teams will reach the postseason, who will eventually hoist the World Series trophy, which players will capture the annual awards and which breakout stars we'll be talking about come September. We're even predicting how many home runs A-Rod hits, which player is the first fined for pace-of-play violations and when Kris Bryant hits his first big-league homer.

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Our 2015 forecast is led by Yahoo's MLB experts Tim Brown and Jeff Passan, plus your Big League Stew bloggers, Chris Cwik, Mike Oz and Mark Townsend. There's a lot to be decided between now and October and by then we have no doubt you'll be telling us how right or wrong our predictions were.

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Special thanks to Yahoo Sports' photo editor Amber Matsumoto.

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