MLB Network duped by fake trade

David Brown
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MLB Network duped by fake trade
MLB Network duped by fake trade

With the trading deadline counting down Thursday, the MLB Network briefly fell for a fake story published on Twitter about the Tampa Bay Rays trading David Price and Ben Zobrist to the Detroit Tigers. The worst part: Ken Rosenthal, the reporter being used in the fake tweet, was in the studio as host Matt Yallof read the bogus trade on the air.

There's a line in "Anchorman" befitting of this moment: "Ron Burgundy will read anything that is put on that teleprompter. Anything!"

As the network went to commercial, the tweet was dismissed as fake, and the real Ken Rosenthal (who also reports for Fox Sports), took to Twitter to stop the disinformation from spreading:

Hey, tell that to your own network!

Rosenthal also showed up on TV just to prove the real guy was out there, working on vetting actual rumors and not faking stories:

A likely story. In the meantime, don't fall for fake Twitter accounts like @KenRosenthai or @KenRosentall or @KenRosenthralled.

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