Mitch Williams thrown out of kids baseball game for profanity laced tirade

David Brown

Although he disputes some of the details, former major leaguer and MLB Network analyst Mitch Williams was ejected from a baseball game for kids after reportedly calling an umpire a "mother-[bleeper]" Saturday. Williams' insult was the highlight — or lowlight, actually — of a profanity laced tirade that lasted about 10 minutes, witnesses told Deadspin.

The photo above, taken by @HitMeSeo on Twitter, is of Williams getting into it with an umpire at a Ripken tournament in Aberdeen, Md. for 10-year-olds and younger. Williams coaches his son's team, Jersey Wild. Get it? "Wild," after "Wild Thing," his nickname as a pitcher who had trouble finding home plate sometimes.

Williams also has some problems finding his self-control as an adult (reportedly). Via The Deadspin:

Williams—who was once tossed from his daughter's youth basketball game for cussing at the ref—had complained about numerous calls throughout the game, ranging from balls and strikes to a close play at the plate that ended a Jersey Wild rally. This led to repeated arguments with umpires on the field.

One umpire finally confronted Williams after the former MLB pitcher shouted something to a parent in the stands about getting that umpire fired. The confrontation sparked a face-to-face argument that, one parent told us, was "just like the major leagues." Two different observers told us Williams had to be physically separated from the umpire by other coaches. Williams then refused to leave the field, causing a 10-minute delay in play; as a result of his antics, he was initially banned from the tournament.

Tournament officials lifted the ban, saying later that the umpire had acted "unprofessionally." And, as CBS Eye on Baseball notes, Williams via Twitter said that him blowing up isn't the entire story. But you know what? It doesn't really matter, if what multiple witnesses say is even close to the truth about Williams' behavior. As a coach of the team and as a public figure, Williams has to set the example for the kids watching.

Heading over to the Ripken home page, let's look for some of the words the organization likes to use to describe itself: Character. Commitment. Integrity. Teamwork. Family. Fun. Community. Passion. Perseverance.

How well does Mitchie-Poo score here? Passion, he gets 11 out of 10. Commitment, he gets a 10 because he acted like someone who needed to be committed to an asylum. He gets zeroes for the rest, even perseverance, because arguing with an umpire for 10 minutes is not what the Ripkens meant. And he gets two zeroes for family, because of the children.

This isn't a story if Williams acts like an adult. Umpires making calls that coaches and Little League parents hate is as ancient as the sport itself. It's up to the other adults to handle it without embarrassing themselves or their kids. Rather than defending himself with the "He started it!" baloney, like he's a 10-year-old, Williams needs to be the person to act responsibly and apologize for his tirade.

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