Minor leaguer hits foul ball into cupholder

David Brown
Big League Stew

Minor league slugger Brandon Douglas of the Class AA Erie Seawolves wielded his bat with pinpoint accuracy Sunday when he fouled a pitch into an empty cupholder in the front row of the upper deck at Peoples Natural Gas Field.

And the aunt-like lady one aisle over sure swooped in like a vulture to retrieve an easy foul ball, didn't she? The security camera-quality video almost looks fake, but it's most likely the real deal. Besides, the Seawolves and host Altoona Curve would get into trouble for faking it. And we'd find out!

Anyway, Douglas reached the suite level against Altoona right-hander James Taillon, a top Pittsburgh Pirates prospect. So it's not unreasonable to give Taillon some credit for where the ball ended up. That, along with a modicum of luck, explains Douglas's neart party trick. It's probably not going to get the Detroit Tigers to promote him to the majors — or even back to Triple-A Toledo, where he started the season — but hey.

Say, which is cooler? This, or Avisail Garcia — also of the Tigers organization — hitting for the cycle? Garcia might have had a single, double, triple and home run, but did he hit anything into a cupholder?

It's one thing for a fan holding a beer and a baby to catch a foul ball with the cup, but at least that's a two-person job. Douglas had to hit it perfectly, because that cupholder wasn't moving. Say, could we make this part of the long-debated skills competition at the All-Star Game? It might take weeks or months for someone to hit another ball into a cupholder. I wonder if Yasiel Puig could do it on command, though.

I'm always impressed, during batting practice, watching the accuracy with which coaches direct balls to infielders. Brandon Douglas appears to have big-league-coach-quality bat control.

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