Minnesota Twins are the new AL Glass Joes after getting swept by New York Yankees

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The New York Yankees have swept themselves free of The Stew's "Glass Joe Title," handing it off to the Twins after winning four in a row in Minnesota.

The Yankees, who had a really tough June, had held The Stew's "Glass Joe Title" longer than any team since we invented these silly things a month ago. The "Glass Joe Title," if you haven't been following along, is a (dis)honor badge passed around after a series loss. The Yankees had held it since June 16. By sweeping the Twins, the Yankees not only broke free of Glass Joe status but put together a nice little winning streak to raise their record to 46-39.

Want to know more about this "Glass Joe Title?" Here's an FAQ:

• It's adapted from Eye On Baseball's Heavyweight Championship Belt. Only the opposite. It's for losers.

• It's named after Glass Joe, a 1-99 boxer from the "Punch-Out" video game series.

• The Glass Joe Title is like a hot potato that no team wants to be left holding. If the current Glass Joe beats another team in a series — no ties, only a legit series win — they are free from Glass Joe-ness. It doesn't need to be a sweep either. Just a series win.

• There are two Glass Joes, one in each league. It's our hope that one day, through the wonders of interleague play, the "Glass Joe Title" can be unified. The Angels and Mets were the first Glass Joes after losing series to the Astros and Marlins, respectively.

• It's for fun. Don't get so bent out of shape.

The Twins now play three games against the Toronto Blue Jays with a chance to send the AL Glass Joe Title to Canada. Meanwhile, our NL Glass Joes, the Arizona Diamondbacks, keep their title after splitting a series with the Mets. The D-backs now play three against the Colorado Rockies in what looks like a good chance to offload their Glass Joe status.

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