Minneapolis mayor celebrates Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes signings with poetry

Reactions to the Minnesota Twins signing pitchers Ricky Nolasco (four-years, $49 million) and Phil Hughes (three-years, $24 million) have been wide ranging, with the vast majority residing somewhere between critical and confused. Not necessarily because experts and fans alike don't feel the veteran right-handers can make a positive impact on the Twins 30th ranked (5.23 ERA) starting rotation from 2013. They obviously can and probably will. It‘s just a matter of how much money they're investing in two pitchers with perceived middle-of-the-rotation value as opposed to difference makers.

One fan, though, was undeniably excited about the addition of both Nolasco and Hughes as he immediately took to Twitter to celebrate both signings in a most unique way: Poetry.

Also, he just so happens to be one of Twins most notable fans, as in Minneapolis mayor R.T Rybak. Here's his reaction to the Nolasco signing on Wednesday.

That would be the cleaner of Rybak’s two poems on Nolasco. Here’s the second.

And here's Sunday's effort following the Hughes announcement.

For those who don’t know Rybak's history, his use of poetry to celebrate a big sports moment in Minneosta is actually a regular occurrence. When the Minnesota Lynx won the WNBA championship in October, Rybak posted a series of poems on Twitter that honored that franchise's accomplishments. Beyond that, Minneapolis also hosted the four-day Women of the World Poetry Slam competition for the first time in March, so it’s pretty clear he has a healthy passion for poetry.

In a world where wacky mayors are all the rage lately, it's actually refreshing to see that. Also, there's nothing wrong with a little baseball optimism around Thanksgiving. It, too, is healthy.

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