‘Million Dollar Arm’ — watch the trailer for Jon Hamm’s upcoming baseball movie

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In "Million Dollar Arm," Jon Hamm plays J.B. Bernstein, a down-on-his-luck sports agent who invents a reality show that aims to turn to cricket players from India into big-league pitchers in America.

This based-on-a-true-story film is out May 16, but the trailer hit the Internet on Monday. Brad Pitt, Jon Hamm ... Hollywood sure has been nice in its casting of baseball movies in recent years.

Hamm isn't as dark and conflicted here as when he's playing Don Draper on "Mad Men," which is good because this is a Disney movie and it has to be inspiring and uplifting, telling us we can all overcome the odds.

The baseball story here is one some of you may know. It's about Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, the winner and runner-up, respectively, of the "Million Dollar Arm" reality show. They came to America looking to score a spot on an MLB team. Spoiler alert: They did. Would this be a movie otherwise?

They both signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, each playing in the minor leagues. Patel lasted parts of two seasons and Singh is still active. He missed 2013 with injuries, but he has a 2.99 ERA across four seasons. He last pitched in Single-A.

We at The Stew are also excited about "Million Dollar Arm" because our pal Jeff Passan, one of the Yahoo Sports baseball columnists, is in the film. He and a number of the more well-known baseball writers in the country appear as scouts. You'll see them at the 1:38-mark right after Curt Schilling is heard doubting the readiness of Patel and Singh.

Here's the side of Passan's head, right behind Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Here he is ready to become a movie star himself. Look at those shades.

Now an important question: Bigger heartthrob, Jon Hamm or Jeff Passan?

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