Miller Park is much too confining for the likes of Adam Dunn

Three days and four positive Nationals posts here on Big League Stew. Yes, we've definitely entered bizzaro world, folks.

But holy Hoover, did you see that home run that Adam Dunn(notes) managed in Milwaukee on Tuesday night?

Facing the Brewers' Carlos Villanueva(notes) in the fourth inning, Dunn smashed a 1-1 pitch straight out the Miller Park with a blast that seemingly reached the Bridge to Nowhere.

Cue the Boris Pickett and watch it here.

Dunn has always challenged the limits of ballpark architecture — he's left more craters on Chicago's Sheffield Avenue than a sober Cubs fan can count — but Tuesday's home run was said by some outlets. to be the first time a player hit one out of Miller Park. The blast, which bounced out a window, was estimated at 445 feet.

"Once he hit it, everybody started screaming," Collin Balester(notes) told the WaPo

And rightfully so. While liking ballplayers who bring a big stick and little else to the field might not currently be in vogue, I still have a soft spot for the lumberjacks whose main mission is to knock the wrapper off the ball. Watching guys like Dunn make me wish that Tiger Stadium and old Comiskey Park were still around, just so we could see a roof shot every now and then.

Knocking a baseball completely out of a stadium is a nice consolation prize, though.

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