Mike Trout snags 550-pound grouper at Key West

David Brown
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There's an old baseball saying about great defense that fans with banners and color commentators will invoke sometimes. It goes something like, "Three-quarters of the world is covered by water, the other fourth is covered by [INSERT GREAT OUTFIELDER'S NAME HERE]."

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels (or should it be "Anglers"?) has taken it to the full four-fourths by helping to catch a 550-lb goliath grouper (sadly, not a trout) while on vacation with his family in Key West. His girlfriend, Jessica Cox, tweeted the photo above.

Tyler Trout, Mike's older brother, said the behemoth was 5 1/2 feet long. He got an up-close shot of the fishy:

Aww, they couldn't get it into the boat. So no trophy. Kind of like AL MVP, another one that got away. Miguel Cabrera probably would have caught the fish, hauled it into the boat and filleted it by the time they reached port.

Update: As one of our commenters so politely noted, the goliath grouper is endangered and is not to be harvested. So Miguel Cabrera would have been in some trouble had he tried to go to town on the fish. Also, did you know that the fish is transgendered? Let's give it some encouragement!

Also, it's just as well that the Trouts didn't reel in a giant trout. That would have been cannibalism, no matter what Mike Trout says.

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