Mike Trout has already won the 2014 AL MVP, according to Google

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Mike Trout has already won the 2014 AL MVP, according to Google
Mike Trout has already won the 2014 AL MVP, according to Google

If you ask Internet know-it-all Google, the 2014 American League MVP has already been crowned. It's Mike Trout. And while people who watch baseball with their eyes open might already believe this, Google is calling the race just a tad bit early.

Folks on Reddit and Twitter have noticed that Google isn't waiting until the Baseball Writers' Association of America makes up its mind in November:

The Stew did a search of its own and found similar results from the G's at Google. 

Trout won the All-Star Game MVP, which might explain the whole thing away. Only it doesn't. The other guys mentioned aren't All-Star Game MVPs. And a similar search for "NL MVP winners" doesn't feature any future-knowing. Besides, Google is usually on point, which makes us wonder:

• Did someone at Google who loves Mike Trout create an Easter egg?

• Does the Internet love Trout so much that we've fooled Google?

• Is Google really just smarter than the humans who voted Trout as MVP runner-up the past two seasons?

While there's still going to have to be a vote this year, Trout is definitely worthy of the award and by most accounts is the front-runner to win it. He leads all MLB players in WAR. He's hitting .297/.385/.575 with 27 homers (fourth in the AL) and 85 RBIs (tied for second in the AL). 

Trout has been MVP-good since his rookie season, but has twice been beaten out by Miguel Cabrera to the dismay of the advanced-stats crowd. The difference this season for MVP voters might be that Trout's Los Angeles Angels have the second-best record in MLB.

Fans of Cabrera, Jose Bautista, Felix Hernandez and a few other AL stars might not agree with Google's stance on this, but it will be surprising if baseball writers choose someone else, barring any huge change in the AL landscape by season's end.

If Trout somehow is snubbed again, you can bet many fans will suggest Google just picks the MVP from now on.

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