Mike Trout gets robbed twice — once by Coco Crisp, once by Angels fan

You see, Mike Trout, this is how other players feel when you make one of your wild catches to rob them of a home run or an extra-base hit.

Trout, the Los Angeles Angels star, was the victim, not the home-run snatcher, Monday night. First, Oakland Athletics outfielder Coco Crisp robbed Trout of extra bases with a marvelous catch that sent him flying into the outfield wall. It turned into a sac fly that brought home Hank Conger for the Angels' first run in their 4-1 win over the A's, but it could have been more. 

That first play came with awe, the next came with controversy. 

In the fifth, Trout hit what looked like a homer to right-center. The umps called it a homer on the field, but the A's challenged because a few Angels fans reached over the fence to try to catch the ball.

After review, it was ruled fan interference and Trout was given a double instead of a homer. While interference might have been the right call, Trout should have at least been awarded a triple. Either of those points brought Angels manager Mike Scioscia out of the dugout to argue, then got him sent him to the showers, ejected.

In a fan-interference situation, MLB's rules say it's not an automatic ground-rule double. The umpires can use their judgment to place the batter on the bases. And Trout's fast, so he probably would have gotten three bases out of that.

Regardless, Trout's hit scored a run, and the Angels, in hindsight, didn't need Trout to score there. They won the game just fine without it, even tacking on another run in the eighth. Had this been a closer game, this tiny controversy might not have been forgotten so easily.

Trout, on the other hand, might not forget so soon. Those were two well hit balls and that could have been more than a double and two RBIs. At least he's got two more games against the A's this week to get his revenge.

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