‘Mike Trout Field’? Millville High in New Jersey to rename ballpark after favorite son

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Mike Trout's hometown of Millville, N.J., just sounds like a place a comic book superhero might be from. Mike Trout is real, however, and his postgraduate deeds for Millville High School aren't superhuman — but they are super kind. And his alma mater appreciates him for it.

Via Philly.com:

Millville baseball coach Roy Hallenbeck said Wednesday that the Millville Board of Education on Monday night approved a sponsorship deal that will include a $10,000 donation to the school for improvements to the field in conjunction with naming the facility after Trout.

Trout already had donated the $20,000 cash prize he won for the Player's Choice Rookie of the Year Award. The other $10,000 is part of Trout's recent BodyArmor Superdrink endorsement deal, his first national sponsorship. That's a pretty big chunk of change for a guy entering his second season in the league, who isn't arbitration eligible and therefore at the mercy of his team, the Los Angels Angels, because the collective bargaining agreement gives owners all of the leverage against young players.

But has that led to bitterness on young Trout's part? No, just the opposite. He's just as giving as ever, Hallenbeck says:

"Mike has helped us so much," said Hallenbeck, who coached Trout during his career at Millville. "It sounds weird to say, but it's not so much the physical help in terms of the money but just the fact that it meant enough to him when he was here that he wants to do these things.

"That has a great impact on everyone around here. We're so proud of him."

Mike Trout, Millville class of '09.

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