Mike Trout bobblehead pays tribute to amazing catch from rookie season

It was the signature play of Mike Trout’s historic rookie season.

Some might even argue it was the catch of the year in all of baseball.

And now, like every other important figure and moment in baseball history, it will be commemorated in bobblehead form when the Los Angeles Angels host the Houston Astros on April 13.

Of course the play we’re talking about is Trout’s ridiculous over-the-wall catch at Camden Yards that robbed Baltimore Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy of a sure home run. At the time it happened, Big League Stew’s Kevin Kaduk likened it to Torii Hunter’s homer-robbing catch of Barry Bonds in the 2002 all-star game. That’s pretty special territory, but certainly deserving praise for a grab that defied gravity.

It’s also pretty fitting considering it was Hunter, then in right field for the Angels, who was the first player to congratulate Trout after he glided back to earth.

Honestly, you know the catch had to be special simply to stand apart from some of the other highlight reel grabs Trout made in 2012. It seemed like he added to that list on a weekly basis, and with the clear exception of the catch that followed this one in Baltimore, they all just about topped the previous one.

It kind of makes you excited to see what he can do for encore with the glove in 2013, doesn't it?

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