Mike Napoli unimpressed with 451 foot homer he hit to fifth deck at Rogers Centre

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Mike Napoli hits upper deck with his longest homer of the year
Mike Napoli hits upper deck with his longest homer of the year

Boston Red Sox slugger Mike Napoli has seen one home run. Therefore, he has seen them all.

Napoli, staying on message, said he was not impressed with the distance and height of his 451 foot home run that landed in the fifth deck at Rogers Centre on Tuesday night. Napoli probably was more into, emotionally, that his three-run shot was part of a seven-run 11th inning that keyed an 11-7 victory against the Toronto Blue Jays

The Associated Press reports that Napoli's home run was the first hit into the fifth deck in more than three years, and the 17th in the stadium's 25-year history. To him, it was "just another homer."

''I was just trying to hit the ball hard somewhere, trying to get a single with a runner in scoring position,'' Napoli said. ''I guess it's pretty cool.''

I guess this is how Napoli usually is, as Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe tweeted:


Probably the most famous (and the first) fifth-deck home run at Rogers came in the 1989 ALCS, when the stadium was called SkyDome and our friend Jose Canseco took Mike Flanagan to the deepest regions of Canada.


In a way, or maybe more than one way, Napoli is right. His blast isn't all that close to the longest home run at Rogers, according to a list published by Blue Jay Hunter. Those honors go to Manny Ramirez, who went 491 (or about 44,000 metres) against Chris Carpenter in 2001:


There's no such thing as style points. They don't put pictures on scorecards. None of these fifth-deckers count for two home runs. Napoli's right and all, but, you'd think a guy with a beard like his would try to squeeze every ounce of fun from a home run as he seems to squeeze the fun from life:


Nope. When Mike Napoli gets to the yard, he's all business. 

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