Mike Francesa takes on New York Daily News reporter over A-Rod coverage

Just when you think all is quiet on the A-Rod front, another story pops up that turns a few heads. In this rare case, though, Alex Rodriguez is not directly involved with the drama. Instead, it's the reporting surrounding his alleged involvement with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch and the subsequent appeal hearing that sparked quite a war of words between New York sports radio personality Mike Francesa and New York Daily News I-Team investigator Michael O’Keeffe.

The battle took place during Francesa's show on Friday with O'Keeffe sitting just feet away in the studio. The gist of the argument is Francesa feels O’Keeffe and the Daily News’ reporting has been biased against the embattled Yankees slugger, to which O’Keeffe countered saying Francesa and A-Rod have a friendship that clouds his opinion. Francesa denied that he’s ever even socialized with A-Rod, and off to the races they went.

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A couple other noteworthy highlights:

• Though he has no relationship with A-Rod, Francesa defends his position by noting he's paid handsomely by the Yankees to appear on their network, but that never stops him from risking his job to critcize them. "That's integrity!"

O'Keeffe's response: "Good for you."

• There's a particularly noteworthy exchange beginning around 2:50 where O'Keeffe and Francesa seemingly attempt to one-up each other with inside information on the arbitration hearing. It ends with Francesa claiming he's read sworn affidavits from the hearing, which O'Keeffe notes would be a violation of the confidentiality.

You probably won’t learn anything new if you've been following the story even casually, but if you enjoy a good back-and-forth you’ll be highly entertained by their roughly six-minute exchange.

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