Mike Devereaux 'wins' Legends Home Run Derby in Iowa

So that Legends Home Run Derby they held in Iowa over the weekend to raise money for flood victims? Yeah, it went pretty much the exact way I thought it would.

Your winner is none other than the immortal Mike Devereaux, who managed to hit 15 balls over the fence at Modern Woodmen Park. That total was more than enough to beat fellow participants Darrell Evans, Pedro Guerrero, Kevin Bass and Brian McRae who hit, in respective order, zero, zero, zero and — let me double check here, just to make sure — yes, zero home runs.

At one point, Guerrero even changed into sandals, perhaps as a way to show how seriously he was taking the event. The folks in Iowa were not impressed.

From Don Doxsie of the Quad City Times:

If nothing else, it was a great opportunity for autograph-seekers. There was a special session beforehand in which fans could get the signatures of the former stars, and most of them were more than happy to meander near the stands to sign even more throughout the event.

(The one exception seemed to be Guerrero, who was seen blowing off a few kids. Hey, maybe his hands were just tired from hitting all those 100-foot pop-ups and feeble grounders.)

That was one of the bad aspects of the event. It was a bit disheartening to see old heroes such as Guerrero (age 52) and McRae (who doesn't turn 41 until next week) stumble around and fail to make solid contact.

Glory days? Yeah, they'll pass you by.

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