Miguel Tejada seeks a government bailout of a different sort

The Houston Astros bring to baseball a history of unique uniforms.

This season, they might want to try an all-orange jumpsuit ensemble in support of shortstop Miguel Tejada, who entangled himself in the government's investigation of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.

Tejada, the Washington Post reports, faces charges of lying to congressional investigators, actions which could land him on the disabled list in jail for a year.

A suggestion: Orlando Cabrera still is among the available shortstops in the free-agent pool if the ‘Stros feel they might need a seasoned Plan "B."

Another suggestion: Cut a deal, Miggy and maybe you'll get off with probation. Tejada is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday. And he thought arbitration was a rough hearing.

From the Post:

[Federales] accuse Tejada of giving false statements to congressional staffers about his conversations with another player about steroids and human growth hormone. ... Tejada faces a maximum penalty of a year in jail, but advisory sentencing guidelines call for a sentence of probation to six months behind bars.

The other player is believed to be Adam Piatt, a teammate of Tejada with the Athletics in 2003 (it's always Oakland or San Francisco — BALCO Buddies!) who reportedly was Tejada's dealer.

Miggy apparently tried to do the "stand-up" thing and not rat out Piatt, but the G-Men weren't buyin', see? The government, which has nothing else going on right now, sure seems intent on bringing shortstops and outfielders to justice. Your tax dollars at work.

Kids, it just goes to show: say no to drugs, like Mt. T says, and everything'll be OK.

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