Miguel Cabrera steals ‘FIRE LEYLAND’ sign from obnoxious fan (VIDEO)

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A Detroit Tigers fan visiting U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago for the recent White Sox series inserted himself into an impromptu autograph signing by Miguel Cabrera. The fan brought with him a poster board sign with "FIRE LEYLAND" written on it, along with a vocal agenda to badger Cabrera, as he signed for fans, with his beliefs about skipper Jim Leyland.

Detroit Sports Rag has a first-hand account, including video.

While we don't see the actual absconding on tape, Cabrera snatched the sign at some point and kept on signing for the fans as the man went blah, blah, blah, blah:

That was a little hard to watch at first, not only because of the awkward nature of the content, but also the vertical nature of the footage. Gosh, I hate videos that do that. Regardless, what an outstanding performance by Cabrera, who more or less ignored the man (though you could tell he was listening to his complaints about Leyland, like the questions about why Ryan Raburn plays). When he cracked a joke about how Cabrera steals signs, it got big laughs from the slugger.

Honestly, some of the decisions Leyland makes make me go "huh?" too. And when you look at payroll vs. performance since he's been manager in Detroit, he is fair game for criticism. I'd just say this: For every time a concerned Tigers fan wonders why Leyland played Raburn, or Don Kelly, or put Delmon Young in the middle of the lineup or whatever the criticism, remember that Leyland can only work with what he is given.

As for Cabrera, we can't ask for anything more. He supported his teammates and did so with a sense of humor about the situation. Everybody wins, even the obnoxious guy with the sign. America.

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