Miguel Cabrera home run literally flattens baseball

David Brown
Big League Stew

It makes sense, given the science of physics and the construction of the objects involved, that some flattening would occur when a round bat meets a round ball. But actually picking it up on film, which we don't see often, it's still pretty neat.

This is what happened when slow-motion video by Fox Sports captured the contact made by Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers in the first inning Sunday for his 28th home run. It looked like he got all of it against Corey Kluber, and Cabrera did. Perhaps some of the resulting photo is an optical illusion, but Cabrera definitely appears to be flattening the ball, making it lopsided. Cabrera hits the ball harder than most, but he doesn't flatten it every time, does he? What a brute! It should have counted for more than a solo jack, which the Tigers would have appreciated, given their 9-6 loss to the Cleveland Indians.

This definitely can be done with other balls of lesser quality or different materials, but a major league baseball is designed to bounce back into form. It would be interesting to see if this home run ball is any less ... circular anymore.

Big BLS H/N: CBS Eye on Baseball

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