Miguel Cabrera home run GIF shows why he’s the most dangerous hitter in baseball

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Miguel Cabrera is at it again, punishing baseballs and the pitchers who throw them. Last season's Triple Crown winner looks to be in similar form this season.

He leads not just the American League, but all of baseball, with a .391 batting average and 55 RBIs. His 14 home runs are second to only Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles, who has 15. Those 55 RBIs are something, though. The next highest is Davis with 44. Cabrera is on pace to knock in 198 runs, according to ESPN Stats & Info — which is absurd, but actually a tad less absurd when we're talking about Miggy.

All those stats are one way of telling you how good Cabrera is. But the GIF above can show you in a different way. It comes from Drew Sheppard of Fangraphs — who also made that marvlous Yu Darvish GIF. Just look at Cabrera covers the plate, but maintains his swing. Go ahead, try to say he's not dangerous. All six of these pitches, it's worth noting, Cabrera hit for home runs.

Here's Sheppard explaining his work:

This composite clip shows six pitches of varied location that Cabrera not only hit with power, but for home runs. The footage has been synchronized to the time of contact and stabilized at home plate to represent the end location of each pitch as accurately as possible. The pitches are taken from the last year, with the furthest off the plate over nine inches inside.

Head over to Fangraphs to see this broken down in a number of ways. Seriously, do it.

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