Miguel Cabrera hits monster home run to second deck at Citi Field

David Brown
Big League Stew

I don't know about "500 feet," as Detroit Tigers broadcaster Rod Allen said in the video, but how about 460? How long did Miguel Cabrera's monstrous home run at Citi Field, which reached the second deck in left field, go?

Wanna try 429? Cabrera's shot wasn't even the longest home run in the major leagues on Sunday. And it doesn't even make the top 10 at Citi Field this season. It comes in tied for 13th overall, according to ESPN's Home Run Tracker. Maybe it's because Cabrera pulled the ball, and those kind of home runs always look more impressive, and the whole "second deck" thing, but 429 seems under. But they've calculated these distances the same way NASA got us to the moon, so it can't be off by more than a few millimeters.

And check out this graph. That's got to be 450, anyway.

It's almost like, "Don't tell us the number. It spoils it." Just enjoy the power, the arc, the descent. Pretty good for No. 42 on the season, four behind MLB leader Chris Davis.

It's also worth noting that Cabrera hasn't had a bad month at the plate in almost nine years, says research done by CBS Eye on Baseball. OK, that's a case where telling us the number makes it sound more impressive. It always seems like Cabrera is that consistent, but nine years ... that's a long time for a ballplayer to go without getting cold for a month.

Gotta be 445 at least.

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