Miguel Cabrera hits ‘lucky’ home run with a big assist from Indians outfielder Michael Bourn

When you’re the best hitter on the planet and you're coming off the first Triple Crown season in MLB since 1967, you really don't need too much luck in your favor or assistance from your opponents.

Of course that doesn't mean you won't take a little of either when you get it, and that's exactly why Miguel Cabrera was happy to take both on Wednesday night when his warning track fly ball bounced off the glove of Cleveland Indians center fielder Michael Bourn and ended up dropping in the first row of seats for his 13th home run of the season.

Honestly, it wasn't nearly as hilarious as Jose Canseco assisting a home run with his noggin back at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium (or Lakefront Stadium), but it's a rare enough event that it will always be funny regardless of time, place or circumstance.

In this case, Cabrera's gift home run came in the eighth inning of a wild affair that saw starting pitchers Justin Verlander and Ubaldo Jimenez get bounced around early and often. There was also a 62-minute rain delay in the middle of the fifth inning, which Verlander surprisingly returned after to qualify for his fifth win, and then another long delay a couple innings later.

In total, the nine-inning game lasted three hours and 33 minutes. Add in the nearly two hours of delays and you have a game that started on a Wednesday night and ended on a Thursday morning. So yeah, if there was ever a game where something as bizarre in nature as an assisted home run would fit right in, this was one of them.

And like I said before, Cabrera will take it.

"Lucky home run," Cabrera admitted. "I take it, especially with a win. Long game."

Indeed all of those things are true. The Tigers ended up on the winning side, 11-7. But just to make sure Michael Bourn doesn't feel too bad about it, we'll point out that the game could have easily ended up 11-7 or worse anyway if not for his outstanding running catch to rob Omar Infante of extra bases and an RBI just one inning earlier.

Bourn giveth, Bourn taketh. Just one of those nights in Cleveland.

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