Miguel Cabrera ejected during an at-bat after argument with umpire

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Miguel Cabrera ejected during an at-bat after argument with umpire
Miguel Cabrera ejected during an at-bat after argument with umpire

These things definitely happened in the first inning of Monday's Detroit Tigers-Chicago White Sox game:

• A Chris Sale pitch struck Miguel Cabrera on his right leg. It was a nasty Sale slider that made Cabrera check his swing before the pitch tailed down toward his leg.

• Home plate umpire Brian Gorman called it a strike, saying Cabrera went around.

• Cabrera didn't like that. He argued the call right after and continued to later in the at-bat.

• Cabrera was ejected from the game, mid-at-bat. Manager Jim Leyland came out to argue and he was tossed too.

These things can be debated:

• Whether Cabrera swung at the pitch that hit him. He said he didn't. Gorman maintained he did.

• Whether Cabrera mouthed off enough to warrant an ejection ... in the first inning of the game. Talk about a short leash.

Fun fact, this was actually the second time this season Cabrera has been ejected during an at-bat. It happened in late July too. Since he's been beat up lately, it's not horrible in the grand scheme of things that Miggy got (most of) a night off. But he wasn't looking at it that way. After the game, both Cabrera and Gorman explained their sides, neither backing down.

From MLB.com's Jason Beck:

"He was told to stop arguing and continued to argue," Gorman said, "and he was ejected for continuing the argument."

Cabrera said he didn't hear any warning from Gorman, or any response at all.

"He didn't give me anything," Cabrera said. "He didn't say anything. I think he said a couple words to skip. I don't know if he didn't understand what I said. I don't know what happened that moment, but I don't think I said anything to get thrown out of the game, especially right now. …

"We're in the race. You don't want to get thrown out of the game. You know what I mean? You want to fight. You want to compete. I don't know why. I don't know what happened. I don't know why he threw me out."

Asked if the situation of the game made the ejection call a difficult one, Gorman said, "I think all situations are difficult. You just have to handle them as an umpire. It's part of our job."

The Tigers went on to lose the game 5-1, nixing another effort by Max Scherzer to win his MLB-leading 20th game.

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