Miguel Cabrera earns another crown, wins Home Run Derby in Venezuela (Video)

Apparently Miguel Cabrera doesn't think his trophy case is stocked with enough hardware.

Let's see, the 29-year-old won the American League Triple Crown this season, becoming the first player in either league to accomplish that feat in 45 years. That earned him an actual crown as a reward that would make even Jerry "The King" Lawler jealous. Cabrera also took home AL MVP honors, the first of his career, another Silver Slugger, and was named MVP in the Detroit Tigers ALCS victory over the New York Yankees.

Seriously, short of a World Series ring and subsequent selection as that series' MVP, what more could you reasonably expect or predict a player of Cabrera's abilities — he's not Bo Jackson, after all — to win in one calendar year? And beyond that, what more could he be possibly be motivated to win before we turn the page to 2013?

Well, it turns out there was one accolade left on his personal list of things to accomplish in 2012 that we all overlooked, and guess what? Cabrera went ahead and crossed it off on Monday night by winning the Home Run Derby at the Venezuelan All-Star game in his hometown of Maracay.

Cabrera did so by cracking 13 home runs over three rounds, and it's not like he beat out a bunch of unproven prospects or marginal big leaguers looking to improve their stock in winter ball. Also participating in the event were NLCS MVP Pablo Sandoval, and 2005 MLB home run derby winner Bobby Abreu. Both fellow Venezuelans.

Cabrera's prize? A really tall trophy that was topped off by a giant ball painted as a Pepsi logo with five silver bats holding it in place. That will definitely take up some significant shelf space. He also takes home 10,000 Bolivar, which translates to $2,300 in U.S. dollars.

But perhaps the coolest part of the entire event is this tidbit from C. Trent Rosecrans over at Eye on Baseball:

Also of note: After Cabrera won the derby, he requested the last ball be thrown to him. In the video, you can see him asking for another ball because it was akin to the golden ball in the MLB version of Home Run Derby, and in this case the money goes to a charity called Operacion Sonrisa. Cabrera didn't hit it out, but he apparently wanted to try anyway (even if it's not shown on the video).

A classy move and another great performance to close out a highly successful 2012 for baseball's best all-around hitter.

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