Michael Cuddyer shows off card tricks in New York City

Michael Cuddyer has been a magician at the plate in 2013, leading the Colorado Rockies with a .328 average entering play on Sunday, along with 17 home runs and 66 RBIs — third and second on the team respectively. He also holds MLB's longest hit streak this season at 27 games — seven more than the next closest streak — and for good measure was named to the National League All-Star team for the first team — second All-Star selection overall — as the starting designated hitter for manager Bruce Bochy.

Needless to say, he's pretty good at his day job. But what many people may not realize about Cuddyer is that one of his favorite hobbies and greatest talents off the field is performing card tricks. Not just simple card tricks that me or you could off on our friends, but advanced tricks. Some of which he's actually made up on his own.

It's a talent that made Cuddyer popular with teammates as a member of the Minnesota Twins during the first decade of his career. He's now carried them over to the clubhouse at Coors Field. But it's not often he shows off his trick away from the clubhouse or dugout. One of those rare occasions actually took place during Colorado's trip to New York last week, and thanks to the folks at MLB Fan Cave, we're able to watch Cuddyer perform some of those tricks with unsuspecting people around the city.

And yes, he even wears the magician's hat because he's a pro all the way.

It's a fun little video. And once you're done watching that, you can go back in the vault and watch Cuddyer show a card trick to then Twins prospect Denard Span in 2008.

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