Michael Cuddyer produces T-shirt promising Rockies will ‘Beat Their Butts’

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Every season most of the 30 front offices in Major League Baseball generate a marketing slogan designed to rally their respective fans and, hopefully, make customers out of them. Who knows if they work? Most of the time, we just make fun of the gimmickry. Also every spring training, players themselves come up with slogans on their own that, in just about every way, trump the club's official line. Who knows if they work? But at least they are funny. Two seasons ago, for example, the Cubs wanted everyone to "[Bleep] the Goat." Didn't work out, the goat won't be dissuaded, but it was good for some laughs.

The Colorado Rockies are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, but that's of little use to Michael Cuddyer and the boys, who are coming off a brutal 2012 season in which they led the league in errors, came in last NL West and finished with the third-worst record in the majors. David Nied retrospectives might be one thing, but why would anyone want to look back at the year the Rox brought up the rear?

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On that note, Cuddyer has come up with his own marketing scheme for the guys in the clubhouse that is decidedly forward-thinking. And kicking. From Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

As the Rockies’ pitchers and catchers (and plenty of position players) prepared for their first work out Tuesday at Salt River Fields, they found purple t-shirts in their locker stalls. They were gifts from veteran outfielder Michael Cuddyer. The front of the shirt reads “Beat Their (Butts)” in big white letters.

“It’s well documented that we struggled last year because too often we beat ourselves. This is a reminder that we need to change that,” Cuddyer said.

Renck notes that the shirts are the "Dry-Fit" kind, which means they ought to be durable and comfortable enough to wear all season. Cuddyer wasn't shopping at the dollar store for these babies.

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Cuddyer (or any player) isn't in a position to make good trades or clever draft picks or sound free-agent buys. That's up to the higher-ups with the Rockies (and they've been struggling). The players can only play, and try to approach the season with a clear mind, along with an attitude that's earnest but not too serious. The season is way too long for that.

The Rockies probably aren't going to win the NL West this season, but that's no reason to give up in February. Besides, you can't get to Rocktober if you don't kick their butts from April to September. It all starts with the shirt.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting!
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