Michael Bourn’s spectacular wall robbery (Video)

Nine home runs were hit in the Braves' 10-5 win over the Yankees on Wednesday, a total that qualified for a Yankee Stadium record. It might've been 10, too, if Michael Bourn hadn't made this incredible grab on Jayson Nix's drive to right field in the fifth inning.

Whether Nix's offering would have cleared the wall is up for debate, though it was certainly much closer to a home run than Chip Caray's description of the hit as a "pop-up." Either way, Bourn's leap and extension was a thing of beauty, especially considering that he pulled it off with Jason Heyward's massive body coming toward him on the warning track.

As AP writer Howie Rumberg speculated, Bourn may have been fueled by some recent inspiration. The center fielder looked disappointed one batter earlier when he couldn't get to the wall in time to make a play on the Eric Chavez homer that slipped into Monument Park.

But he had no such problems against Nix.

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Here's an equally beautiful picture of the play. It's probably a safe bet to say we'll be seeing this on highlight reels for the rest of the season.

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