Miami Marlins will wear patch honoring Satchel Paige for Negro Leagues tribute in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Brewers will be holding their annual Negro Leagues tribute when they host the Miami Marlins at Miller Park on Saturday night.

According to Tom Haudricourt's Brewers Blog, the hometown squad will be honoring former Negro League players George Altman and Lonnie Harris in a pre-game ceremony. And then during the game, they'll be wearing reproductions of uniforms worn by the old Milwaukee Bears, who represented the city for one season back in 1923.

Among the Negro League legends who suited up for Milwaukee during that season: Hall-of-Fame player/manager John Preston “Pete” Hill.

But the Brewers won't be the only team participating in the festivities. The current Miami Marlins also have plans to don throwback jerseys that date back to the original Miami Marlins, who were a Triple-A team playing in the International League from 1956-1960.

The most famous player on that roster? That would be Hall of Famer Satchel Paige, who spent three seasons (1956-58) with the Marlins at the very end of his remarkable career. With that great piece of history in mind, the Marlins will honor Paige with a No. 29 patch that will sit on the right sleeve of their already awesome looking uniforms.

Here's more from the Sun Sentinel:

The Marlins weren’t part of the Negro League, but that team did have a significant connection. Hall of Famer Satchel Paige played for the Marlins back then. The reproduced jerseys will feature a patch with the number 29, which Paige wore during his three seasons with the Marlins.

“Any time you can put on a throwback jersey, for number one Satchel Paige wore it and that’s a huge honor right there, it’s a great honor to be able to wear the same uniform as those guys,” outfielder Juan Pierre said. “It’s always cool, cool for the fans, cool for us. I always love throwback days.”

Cool is the correct word. Here's another look at the uniform.

I have to be honest. If the Marlins wore those uniforms more often, I might be checking out a few more of their games. Those are very nice, and the patch is a classy touch. It's also very cool to see them honor Satchel Paige, and it's always wonderful when MLB teams acknowledge important players and important pieces of baseball's history. In that regard, it's a job well done by both teams.

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