Miami Marlins selling unused tickets to Sunday’s no-hitter for $15 each

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The Miami Marlins could have ended their 2013 season on a high note — a no-hitter in the final game of the season, that's something that makes a 62-100 record feel the slightest bit better heading into the postseason. But the Marlins couldn't let the season end without one more cash-grab.

Turns out the team has started selling the unused tickets from Sunday's final 2013 game at Marlins Park for $15. Collectors of famous moments in Marlins history (are there such people?) would welcome the opportunity to buy one. And people who like to pretend they went places and did things could use them as evidence when telling a story years from now about how they watched Henderson Alvarez's no-hitter end on a walk-off wild pitch.

And the Marlins, heck, they can make a little bit more money. There are 9,100 tickets for sale. If the Marlins can sell them all, they'd make $136,500.

Here's a fun (and by fun, we mean sad) wrinkle that comes to us via Maury Brown of Biz of Baseball:

The Marlins finished second to last in league attendance this year with an average of 19,584 but will be trying to nudge that up as any tickets sold—even the ones for the no-hitter sold after the season is now completed —will count as paid attendance. In doing so, the Marlins are artificially inflating their attendance. The club currently will end the season with the worst attendance decline in the second season of a brand new ballpark since 1992 when Bud Selig took over as commissioner.

The Marlins didn't sell out a single game this season, despite their best and most shameless efforts, and now here they are, hoping to sell out a game after the fact. How gloriously Marlins of them.

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