Miami Marlins offering $1 tickets to ‘diehard’ fans

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Any other baseball team running a ticket promo that offers its diehard fans $1 tickets for an upcoming game, we'd probably applaud. That's value, considering the average ticket price for non-premium seats across the league this season is $27.73.

But when it's the Miami Marlins we're talking about — baseball's laughing stock — and they're offering $1 tickets for their "diehard" fans, we see the reality. It's another desperate ticket-selling scheme for a team that's last in attendance, that already had to use Groupon for Opening Day and that tried to market to the "friends and family" of an opposing team's player.

This latest deal, promoted as a "thank you" gift to team's "most loyal fans" — is readily accessible to any ol' person with a web browser [insert joke about how the Marlins' most loyal fans don't actually exist].

The deal landed in the inbox of a Stewie named Jeremy who forwarded to us with the footnote: "For the record, I live in South Florida, but I am NOT a Marlins fan."

His declaration made us wonder who in Miami has this "#Diehardfish Love" the graphic talks about. A simple Twitter search shows the "#Diehardfish" hashtag used 13 times since the Marlins introduced this offer on Aug. 9.

• Seven of those were either by the Marlins or retweets of the Marlins.
• One of the mentions made fun of the Marlins.
• One was by a person who had "diehard Yankee fan" in her Twitter bio.
• One is from a blog that focuses on the "eccentricities of Marlins fandom."
• One was by someone in Chicago.
• One is in Spanish but says something about, "Long live Jeffrey Loria." Has to be a joke, right?
• The 13th mention seems to be from a legitimate fan happy about a victory.

The real diehards here are the poor people in the Marlins ticket office, who have to keep coming up with new ways to sell people on this mostly Quadruple-A team. At least they haven't given up when we laugh at them.

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