Mets take stand against NY Post writer who joked about Bartolo Colon's weight

Mets take stand against NY Post writer who joked about Bartolo Colon's weight
Mets take stand against NY Post writer who joked about Bartolo Colon's weight

The New York Mets heard all they wanted to hear and read all they wanted to read from New York Post beat writer Mike Puma following an unflattering game recap that included multiple jokes about Bartolo Colon's weight.

The recap, which ran in Friday morning's paper after Colon held the St. Louis Cardinals to one run over seven strong innings to pick up his second win of the season on Thursday afternoon, starts with this zinger

"If the umpires searched Bartolo Colon’s neck for a foreign substance on Thursday, chances are they only would have found peanut butter."

An obvious nod to Michael Pineda's pine tar incident at Fenway Park on Wednesday, but the attempt at humor fell flat with many readers and especially with Colon's Mets' teammates. Following Friday night's walk-off win over the Miami Marlins, the entire team came together in support of Colon and sent a message to Puma by letting him know he wasn't welcome in their clubhouse.

From Newsday: 

Instead of a jubilant clubhouse with loud music and happy players after Friday’s walk-off win, the doors opened to silence, empty, spinning chairs and no Mets.

Apparently angry about an article in the New York Post on Friday about Bartolo Colon under the headline “LARDBALL,” the players would not talk to the media until Post writer Mike Puma left the clubhouse. Puma was asked to leave and did so without incident. Within a minute, several Mets appeared in the clubhouse. The team would not comment on the incident.

The headline wasn't Puma's responsibility, but the peanut butter line and his rotund right-hander description in paragraph two certainly are.

Of course, some people will say the Mets are being too sensitive about the issue and should just ignore it and move on. After all, everybody likes to have a little fun at Colon's expense because of his lack of grace on the field, especially now as a hitter in the National League. That said, it probably does get tiresome when the attacks get personal and stay constant. That's what Colon has dealt with since coming to New York and it's probably past time for writers to get more creative when analyzing his performances.

From this point on, it's expected to be business as usual in terms of the Mets dealing with the media. But kudos to them for standing up for a teammate and sending a strong message. 

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