Mets prank Jeremy Hefner during TV interview

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Someday, the interview video bomb will become like the postgame face pie: It will need to be really special in order to be terribly entertaining. However, as of now, guys goofing off behind the back of a teammate being interviewed on live TV is funny almost no matter how you look at it. For example, this face made by Kirk Nieuwenhuis for the benefit of teammate Jeremy Hefner and interviewer Kevin Burkhardt:

LaTroy Hawkins and David Aardsma also got in on it, but Nieuwenhuis was the obvious star.

The point of the video bomb is not to take away from someone's interview, but to enhance it with wacky behavior that makes the interviewer and interviewee uncomfortable enough to:

a) Mess up on live TV and create chaos
b) Acknowledge the presence of the goofballs

The least you hope for is to break someone concentration, which might have happened a few times in Hefner's case as Burkhardt interviewed him on SNY. Very often, a TV monitor will be nearby so the people on camera can see behind them. That creates real chaos. The effects of flicking of sunflower seeds and and making funny faces are magnified when there's a monitor, which also encourages those goofing off to watch themselves good off. It's a vicious cycle, or circle. Round guy.

One thing about the interview that bothers me: Burkhardt bringing up Hefner possibly pitching in the All-Star Game. What was that stuff about? He's got a 3.39 ERA, which is fine, but there was never a chance in a million that he was going to make the All-Star team. Was Burkhardt just trying to stretch for time so Hawkins, Nieuwenhuis and Aardsma would come back with more seeds and faces? If so ... well, that's OK.

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