Mets’ Josh Satin rents elephant for a day during Thailand honeymoon

David Brown

Josh Satin and his new bride did their honeymoon right by going to Thailand, reputed to be the most beautiful country on Earth. And they didn't just spend their nights playing chess in Bangkok, either. They went into the jungle and played with the local elephants, even "renting" one for the day:

"We just thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and so we went out into the jungle and cleaned 'em, fed 'em and we got to ride 'em. And we got to witness a elephant being born. In Thailand!

"Just something we thought would be amazing — and it was."

Sounds just like a trip to the Wisconsin Dells. We thank Josh for his report on "What I did during the offseason."

To think, MLB players used to have to work in the offseason to make ends meet. These days, they can take trips to exotic players and witness the birth of wild(ish) animals. Although, it sounds like they put Satin to work — "Cleaning, feeding, birthing." And you know there was elephant poop. Ah, all part of the experience.

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