Mets introduce David Wright (again) at $138 million press conference, make him put on jersey and cap

David Brown
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — At first, all of Twitter (and perhaps all of the New York Mets kingdom) was like, "Why are the Mets making David Wright put on a cap and jersey at this press conference as if it were his first day on the team?" After all, the Mets and David Wright have been together since he was 18 years old.

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But then, it became clear when he stood tall on the dais in the Delta Ballroom at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel: The Mets have tweaked their uniforms yet again. You see? They still can afford to multitask, even after inking Wright to a $138 million contract extension. Now get out there an model our new sportswear, Employee Wright!

So, what about the new duds?

The jersey is really sharp (even with the dress shirt and tie under it). The contrast of the orange on blue is one of the best looks in sports and always has been. The Mets have a curious history with uniforms; they often are among the sharpest dressers in the league, but they also can't stop from tweaking. Sometimes with disastrous results. Usually with the road jerseys, but often with the alternates, and even with the home shirts. The awful black shadow boxes come to mind, for one fashion faux pas. And they've done it again with this uniform.

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I don't care for the cap. The orange bill is OK — it's better than black — but the white outline on the "NY" meddles one of the most iconic logos in sports. Wright reportedly got a no-trade clause in this new deal, which encourages the Mets to keep allowing GM Sandy Alderson to spend money on players to build around their star third baseman. (Like R.A. Dickey, for example?) But Wright's agents really would have been smart to get a no-tweak clause on the uniforms. Leave them the way they are, let them be with no changes. It's better to look good than to feel good, anyway, and if the Mets can't find their way back into contention, at least they can dress better than the other guys.

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