Stray Mets giveaway item actually features a Phillies logo

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(@SMitzma on Twitter)

Another great moment in botched ballpark giveaways seems to have occurred over the weekend at Citi Field in New York.

According to Philadelphia sports blog Whiz Wit, the New York Mets had a toy truck giveaway on Sunday sponsored by W.B. Mason, which also happens to be a corporate sponsor of the Philadelphia Phillies. And at least one of the 15,000 trucks given away — as evidenced by this photo posted on Twitter — actually featured a Phillies logo by accident. 

You can barely make out the Phillies logo on the driver's side door of the truck. The Mets logo on the packaging is quite visible, though, highlighting the production error.

According to WPVI in Philadelphia, the Mets giveaway was not supposed to feature any MLB team's logo on the door. In fact, a look at the advertised item shows a completely different looking truck with what appears to be a Mets logo on top of the trailer near the back.


In fact, the entire package looks different, which could make one question whether this was planted intentionally or is possibly a fake. However, on Wednesday, the producers of the trucks, Hit Promotional Products Inc., released a statement confirming it and explaining what they believe happened. 

"Unfortunately this turned out to be a case of human error during the packaging stage of production, and we apologize that a few manufactured units of the incorrectly branded truck were placed in the wrong team packaging. We believe this is a very isolated issue that hadn't occurred in the past but will address to make sure mistakes like this don't occur in the future," a spokesman said.

But where did the Phillies specific item come from?

Well, it turns out the Phillies have had similar giveaways in the past, most recently on July 26. It appears one of the trucks created for those games found its way into Mets specific packaging. However, WPVI reports there was an instance last season where a fan at Citizens Bank in Philadelphia received a truck with a Phillies logo on the cab and a Mets logo on the trailer. So it's not a first-time mistake after all.

Not that it's a major error anyway. It's more laughable than it is something to get annoyed over, and for the owner it's quite the collector's item. That said, the mess up continues a rough stretch for ballpark giveaway items. Recently, we've seen the Colorado Rockies handed out jerseys with All-Star Troy Tulowitzki's name spelled incorrectly. That was followed by the awkward Yoenis Cespedes t-shirt giveaway two days after he was traded to the Boston Red Sox.

Now this.

We don't even want to venture a guess about what could be next. We'd much rather be surprised. 

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