So what should the Mets do with this closer's role?

For those of us who aren't Mets fans, this whole "Finding a replacement for Billy Wagner as closer" should be a fun and interesting experiment to watch.

For those of us who are Mets fans, the only thing I can do is direct you toward a few different products to help you through. (Saro G?)

With the news that Wagner's season is in jeopardy of being over, the Mets are now facing a situation that appears to have no definite solution. They don't have any closers-in-waiting in the Carlos Marmol-mold. Acquiring the type of shutdown closer who would clear waivers is about as impossible at this point as the Yankees making the playoffs. Converting a starter into the role isn't going to help things, either.

That hasn't stopped everyone from making their own suggestions, even as Jerry Manuel has suggested he'll pass over starters like John Maine and try the closer-by -committee approach, depending who's at the plate.

• Joel Sherman of the NY Post thinks plucking Mike Pelfrey from the rotation and designating him the team's caboose would be the best desperate measure in desperate times.

• Matt Cerrone of thinks the team should sign Al Reyes, just released by the Rays.

• Meanwhile, Dan Graziano of the Star-Ledger doesn't think any of it will matter come October, when the Mets won't have the Braves or Nats to kick around.

What do you think the Mets should do?

And can they hold onto their 1.5-game lead over the Phillies if they don't find a singular solution?

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