Mets behavin' badly: new Straw bio recalls sex, drugs & baseball

The Stew continues its all-new tabloid format with the revelation that Darryl Strawberry and the Mets of the 1980s played hard and partied harder.

OK, that's probably not a Muppet news flash in itself, but Page 6 and other outlets report that Dar-ryl, Dar-ryl will be publishing a tell-all autobiography that comes out in April.

Titled "Straw: Finding My Way," the book promises to further define the Amazins of the time as "[An] infamous rolling frat party... drinking, drugs, fights, gambling, groupies."

Sure, the five major food groups.

Ballplayers were so much more flamboyant about their rule-breakin' in those days. The BALCO and Yankees scandals of today and recent history can't compete with the old Mets on style points.

Can you imagine having a locker next to Lenny Dykstra? So many stains on the carpet, each of a different origin.

As for the Straw book, can these pages go any deeper than Bob Klapisch's "The Worst Team Money Could Buy"? or Klapisch's "High and Tight" — which profiles Straw and Dwight Gooden?

Or even Jeff Pearlman's "The Bad Guys Won," which I have been meaning to read for four years?

Doubtful, but we shall read. Straw's book tour starts April 28, at the Barnes & Noble at 555 N. Fifth Ave. in New York City.

I'm not a Mets fan, but I loved the '86 Mets. The '85 Bears of baseball, except the Bears did a little less coke. Allegedly.

Mini Straw Poll: Who was your favorite '86 Met, and what do you think he did in Strawberry's book?

Mine is HoJo, and I think it might have something to do with superballs.

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