Melky Cabrera says he ‘gave everything’ to Giants, wants World Series ring

Mike Oz
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Melky Cabrera arrived in Toronto Blue Jays training camp on Friday, ready to make a new start because, really, that's about all he can do at this point. He made nice by giving a perfectly fine statement about his past transgressions. He said what players say at the start of a season: "I am here to play the best baseball I can to help the Toronto Blue Jays win a world championship."

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It was textbook PR.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, he also told reporters he wanted the World Series ring he's due. His San Francisco Giants teammates, you'll remember, swept the Detroit Tigers without Cabrera. He was suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs and then not invited back. Cabrera said he hadn't heard from the Giants about his ring.

“I feel I deserve it," he said. "I gave everything I had to the organization, but I understand if they decide not to give me one.”

Here's the thing: Melky Cabrera will get a World Series ring. He was getting one before he signed with the Blue Jays, before he started to campaign publicly. It's been confirmed again.

Maybe "contact the guy who got suspended for 50 games to set up ring delivery" wasn't super high on the Giants' offseason to-do list. Thems the breaks, Melk.

What's most interesting is that Melky said all the right things in his statement and could have — as he said he wants to do — left the past in the past. Instead, he spoke up about the ring. And he dropped the "I gave everything I had to the organization" line, like he's Matt Cain or Willie McCovey or someone who didn't play in San Francisco half a season.

Everything? Really? With an asterisked season? As a blemish on a championship?

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Suppose the lesson for Melky here is this: Just read the statements the PR people give you. It's their job for a reason.

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