Max Scherzer suffers ankle injury in Tigers celebration, will miss Wednesday start

Despite dealing with soreness in his right shoulder for the past two weeks, Max Scherzer was all set to start and throw around five innings in the Detroit Tigers season finale on Wednesday in Kansas City as a tune-up for a potential postseason start next week.  Those plans have now changed, however, but not because Scherzer suffered a setback with the shoulder.

No. Scherzer actually suffered an entirely new injury on Monday night, and it happened in the midst of Detroit's postgame celebration of its American Central division championship when he twisted his ankle after one of his teammates stepped on him while jumping into the pile.

Yes, it's one of those injuries. And for those who didn't immediately believe the news, as well as the ones questioned when it actually happened, Jim Leyland offered the following: "Somebody jumping on the pile stepped on his ankle. This is legit. This is exactly how it happened."

I believe you, Jim, because every time I see these celebrations and dogpiles with large athletes jumping on top of each other, I expect to hear someone injured something somehow. And even though it rarely happens, I'm always relieved when I don't see someone getting up slowly, or don't hear an injury reported the next day, because it just seems inevitable.

Thankfully, it sounds like Scherzer's injury won't be a worst-case scenario as Leyland describes it as a twist rather than a sprain.

"It's swollen," Leyland said. "It doesn't appear to be serious, serious. But he will not pitch tomorrow."

It was further indicated that had the game held any significance for Detroit, Scherzer would have made the start. That pretty much confirms he'll remain on track to pitch wherever the Tigers slot him into their postseason rotation. As for Wednesday's plan, though, left-hander Drew Smyly will draw the start in his place.

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