Matt Moore and Fernando Rodney wear camouflage as part of Rays latest themed road trip

When you’re with the same group of people for seven or eight months straight and frequently traveling to new destinations, you almost have to come up with new and creative activities just to keep yourself from going insane.

No professional sports team understands that line of thinking or has embraced it more than the Tampa Bay Rays ever since Joe Maddon took over the reigns in 2006. The end result has been a number of highly entertaining ventures.

From D.J.’s, mariachi bands and penguins in the clubhouse, to their many awesome themed road trips that have seen players donning various costumes and even lettermen jackets on a trip from Texas to Boston earlier this season, the Rays aren't afraid to stand out or do something silly just to keep the clubhouse atmosphere from stagnating.

It's with that established that we now tell you about Tampa Bay's latest themed road trip. It's their 25th different theme since Maddon started the tradition in 2008, and it's among our favorites so far as the team was decked out in army fatigues, hunting disguises and other various camo patterns for their flight up the coast to take on the Baltimore Orioles this weekend.

Pretty much every player took the assignment seriously, though most were subdued compared to Matt Moore, who you see pictured on the far left in the picture above, and Fernando Rodney, who you'll see below.

Yes, those are plantains hanging from Rodney's locker, because of course. And given his out-going personality, it should come as no surprise that he's one of the players who went all out.

I also have to applaud Jamey Wright, who went with the full green military suit.

Good stuff, and a nice little tradition you have going there, Mr. Maddon.

"We have so much of that in our clubhouse," Rays manager Joe Maddon told "They're all into this stuff. We have so many hunters. Plus, camo's in right now. Camo actually is in in a fashion sense. It's coming from all different directions. The only part that's uncool in a sense is it's a night trip, so nobody gets to see it. But then again, if you're wearing camo, they wouldn't see anyway."

Hey, all that matters is that we can see them now. Thanks again, Joe.

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