Matt Holliday can’t catch home run ball, gets taunted by Pirates fan

Mike Oz

As you may know, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in first place in the NL Central. It's something to be proud of, even to celebrate, especially when you consider this is the best they've been since 1992.

One fan in particular appeared to be riding high of the first-place mojo. Let's watch what unfolded last night.

Here's Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday trying to making a home run-stealing catch on a ball hit by Andrew McCutchen. Holliday can't make the catch. And while many people would lecture Holliday saying "if the ball touches your glove, you better catch it," this isn't a particularly embarrassing moment.

But look how the fan right behind the wall reacts. He's taunting Holliday like he himself hit the home run.

Classy, dude, classy. Look, I get it, It happens. You get caught up in the moment, get a little high off the first-place adrenaline. But Matt Holliday goes 6-4, 250 ... so be careful who you're taunting, Pirates fan.

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