Matt Harvey and Freddie Freeman have an All-Star bromance

Mike Oz

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman are division rivals in the NL East, but perhaps more importantly, they're bros.

Bros would can playfully hug on each other — Freeman is, after all, baseball's most prolific hugger — and bros who can goof around with each other on Twitter.

Let's start the story of this bromance by watching two of them at the All-Star game, just hanging out, having a good time, making memories. What a pair of dudes!

Now let's examine their Twitter back-and-forth from Monday night. Can you blame Freeman for thinking his bro missed him?

Good news, guys. The Braves visit the Mets for two games Aug. 20-21. Maybe you guys can share some brotastic moments together. Or at least one of those Freddie Freeman hugs.

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