Matt Harvey, Jimmy Fallon hang at Stanley Cup Finals, joke on Instagram

Three very, very important Matt Harvey-related thing to unpack from his appearance Monday night at Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals in New York, where his beloved Rangers lost to the Los Angeles Kings 3-0, as L.A. also took a 3-0 series lead:

1. The injured New York Mets star hung out with "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon and they made fun of each other on Instagram, a sign that Harvey's cool-guy status in NYC hasn't gone away just because he's sidelined for all of the 2014.

2. Harvey is back on Twitter for the first time in six weeks after that time he flipped the bird to Tommy John surgery and nuked his account, which wasn't actually all the way gone, apparently.

3. Look at that beard! It's almost as good as that photobomb by the girl behind them.

Oh, those funny guys and their mistaken identity game.

Yes, Twitter smart guy, Matt Harvey is aware that's not Fallon's rival late-night host Jimmy Kimmel — that's the joke, just like Harvey isn't Joaquin Phoenix. (Kimmel, by the way, likes the L.A. Kings, so there's no way diehard Rangers fan Harvey would be hanging with him during these finals).

Since it's Matt Harvey we're talking about, he can't do something as simple as go to a Stanley Cup game without getting heckled by the geniuses of the Internet.

If he deletes his Twitter again, you probably know why.

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